Austin-Hagan-195x235Austin Hagan


Entomology and Plant Pathology


1980 Ph.D., The Ohio State University (Plant Pathology)
1978 M.S., The Ohio State University (Plant Pathology)
1975 B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Biology)

professional experience

Extension Plant Pathologist, Alabama Cooperative Extension Service
Crop Team Leader, Alumni Professor, and Extension Plant Pathologist, Auburn University

honors and awards

Porter Henegar Award
Dow AgroSciences Award for Excellence in Education, American Peanut Research and Education Society
Fellow, American Peanut Research and Education Society
Deans Grantsmanship Award 2014, 2015
Auburn University College of Agriculture Senior Extension Award

Professional affiliations

American Peanut Research and Extension Association
American Phytopathological Society

RESEARCH Activities

Current research projects include the influence and interaction of management practices such as planting date, rotation, tillage, fertility, and seeding rates as well as the efficacy of fungicides, insecticides, and nematicides on the development and severity of foliar and soil diseases and nematode pests, and their impact crop yield and quality factors in corn, cotton, peanut, and grain sorghum. In recent years, my research interests have expanded to include the impact of production practices and variety selection on foliar disease severity in sorghum and switchgrasses utilized for energy and bioindustrial feedstocks along with defining disease-related biomass and sugar losses as well as assisting with screening peanut germplasm for resistance to foliar and soil diseases.

Extension Activities

Current extension responsibilities include the diagnosis and monitoring, and development of disease and nematode management strategies for cereals, corn, cotton, forages, grain sorghum, and peanut, along with bioenergy crops, amenity turfgrasses, and ornamentals.


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