100_4463Gabriela Chavez

Postdoctoral Fellow

department of Entomology and plant pathology 


2016 Ph.D., Center for Research and Advanced Studies, Guanajuato. Mexico. (Plant Biotechnology)
2012 M.S., Center for Research and Advanced Studies, Guanajuato. Mexico. (Biotechnology)
2009 B.S., National Autonomous University of Mexico. Mexico City. (Veterinary Medicine)

Professional Experience

2008-2009, Biotechnology Technical Advisor at the Center for Research and Advanced Studies, Guanajuato. Mexico.

honors and awards

2016 Awarded with the Fulbright-Garcia Robles Scholarship from the U.S.A and Mexican governments.
2014 Awarded with the CIMO Fellowship from the Finnish government.
2014 Awarded by the Canadian Society of Microbiologists and the National Research Council of Canada for
the IUMS in Montreal, Canada.

I am interested in understanding the molecular evolution of plant viruses that generates the genetic variation and constraints selective pressure related with their insect transmission that underlying the appearance of emerging virus diseases. To address this question our research will focus on the evolution of Cassava mosaic begomovirus (CMBs) with their plant host, Cassava and the whitefly (B. tabaci-SSA1).

recent publications

  • Aguilera B. E., Chavez-Calvillo G., Elizondo-Quiroga D., Gutiérrez-Ortega A. 2016. Porcine circovirus type 2 protective epitope densely carried by chimeric papaya ringspot virus-like particles expressed in E. coli as a cost-effective vaccine manufacture alternative. Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry.
  • Chavez-Calvillo G., Contreras-Paredes C. A., Mora-Macias J., Silva-Rosales L. 2016. Antagonism or synergism between papaya ringspot virus and papaya mosaic virus in Carica papaya is determined by their order of infection. Virology.
  • Diaz-Valle A., Garcia-Salcedo Y. M., Chavez-Calvillo G., Carrillo-Tripp M. 2015. Highly efficient strategy for the heterologous expression and purification of soluble Cowpea chlorotic mottle virus capsid protein and in vitro pH-dependent assembly of virus-like particles. Journal of virological methods.
  • Diaz-Valle A., Chavez-Calvillo G., Carrillo-Tripp M. 2014. in silico Binding Free Energy Characterization of Cowpea Chlorotic Mottle Virus Coat Protein Homodimer Variants. Advances in Computational Biology.
  • Manuel-Cabrera C.A., Marquez-Aguirre A., Chavez-Calvillo G., Hernandez-Gutierrez R., Gutierrez-Ortega A. 2012. Immune response to a potyvirus with exposed amino groups available for chemical conjugation. Virology Journal.
  • Chavez-Calvillo G., Perez-Rueda E., Lizama G., Zuniga-Aguilar J. J., Gaxiola G., Cuzon G., Arena-Ortiz L. 2010. Differential gene expression in Litopenaeus vannamei shrimp in response to diet changes. Aquaculture.