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Gary Richard Mullen

Professor Emeritus

Areas of Interest:

Major areas of interest include medical-veterinary entomology and acarology, arachnology, and aquatic insects. Research interests have focused on: (1) biting flies of medical-veterinary importance, notably the biology of biting midges (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) and their role as vectors of bluetongue virus and epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus of domestic and wild ruminants; (2) ticks and Lyme disease in Alabama; and (3) host-parasite associations between biting flies (mosquitoes, biting midges, horse flies and deer flies) and mites.


1974 Ph.D., Cornell University (Entomology)
1970 M.S., Cornell University (Entomology)
1968 B.A., Northeastern University (Biological Science)


60% Teaching, 40% Research

Courses Currently Taught at Auburn University:

  • ENTM 0404 Insects Affecting Humans, Domestic Animals and Wildlife
  • ENTM 0514 Aquatic Insects
  • ENTM 0625 Medical-Veterinary Entomology
  • ENTM 0720 Arachnology

Courses Previously Taught:

  • ZY 306 Principles of Ecology (1975-87)
  • ZY 636 Population Ecology (1975-88)
  • U 270-272 Ascent of Man (Human Odyssey)

Professional Experience:

1975-Present Auburn University and Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station
  Administrator, Pennsylvania State Vector Control Program
1974-1975 Medical Entomologist, Allegheny County Health Department, Pittsburgh, PA
1964-1968 1964-68, Surgical Assistant and Laboratory Technician, Boston University Surgical Research Laboratory, Boston City Hospital

Professional Societies/Honor Societies:

  • Acarological Society of America
  • Alabama Vector Management Society
  • American Arachnological Society
  • American Mosquito Control Association
  • Entomological Society of America
  • Florida Association of Benthologists
  • Georgia Entomological Society
  • Society of Vector Ecologists
  • North American Benthological Society
  • Sigma Xi
  • Phi Sigma
  • Phi Kappa Phi
  • Gamma Sigma Delta

Professional Responsibilities:

Department of Entomology (Auburn University):
  • Library Representative
  • Graduate Admissions Committee
  • Curriculum and Academic Quality Committee
  • Undergraduate Internship Committee
  • Insect Museum Committee
  • Guyton Lecture Committee
College of Agriculture (Auburn University):
  • Library Committee
  • Curriculum Committee
    Acarological Society of America:
  • President (1984)
  • Executive Committee (1996-99)
Entomological Society of America:
  • President, Teaching Subsection (1984)
  • Special Committee on Linnaean Games (1984-86)
  • Highlights of Medical-Veterinary Entomology (1985-86)
  • Chair, Section D (1990)
  • Chair, Section D Medical-Veterinary Textbook Steering Committee
  • Co-editor and contributor, Medical-Veterinary Entomology Textbook
  • ESA Governing Board (1998-2001)
    Entomological Society of America/Southeastern Branch:
  • Chair, Student Awards Committee (1982-83)
    Subject Editor, Journal of Entomological Science (1986-90)
    Editorial Board, Bulletin of the Society of Vector Ecologists (1986-92)
    Chair, Auburn University Senate and General Faculty (1990-91)
    Alabama Archaeological Society
  • Board of Directors (1998-2001)
  • President, East Alabama Chapter (1989-present)
    Alabama Poison Control Center:
  • Consultant, Medical Entomology

Honors and Awards

  • Auburn Alumni Association Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award (1996-97)
  • Dedicated Service Award, Georgia Entomological Society (1991)
  • Distinguished Teaching Award, Entomological Society of America, SEB (1989)
  • Teaching Award of Merit, National Association of Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (1988)
  • Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence, College of Agriculture, Auburn University (1988)
  • Appreciation Award for Service, ESA/SEB (1985)

Current Graduate Students:

  • Renee R. Anderson (Ph.D. candidate)
  • Matthew D. Aubuchon (M.S. Student)

Recent Publications:

  • Mullen, G.R. 1976. Water mites of the subgenus Truncaturus (Arrenuridae: Arrenurus) in North America. Search, Cornell University, Entomol. Ser. 17, 6(6):1-35.
  • Mullen, G.R., R.H. Jones, Y. Braverman, and K.E. Nusbaum. 1985. Laboratory infections of Culicoides debilipalpis and C. stellifer(Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) with bluetongue virus. In: Bluetongue and Related Orbiviruses (T.L. Barber and M.M. Jochim, eds.). Prog. Clin. Biol. Res. 178:239-242.
  • Mullen, G.R., D.J. Leprince, and B.M. OConnor. 1987. Acarine associates of horse flies and deer flies (Diptera: Tabanidae) in North America. Progress in Acarology 2:291-296.
  • Mullen, G.R. and L.J. Hribar. 1988. Biology and feeding behavior of ceratopogonid larvae (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) in North America. Bull. Soc. Vector Ecol. 13:60-81.
  • Luckhart, S., G.R. Mullen, and J.C. Wright. 1991. The etiologic agent of Lyme disease, Borrelia burgdorferi, detected by fluorescent antibody in ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) collected at a focus in Alabama. J. Med. Ent. 28:652-657.

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