Financial Assistance

Graduate teaching/research assistantships are available from the Department of Entomology. Research assistantships are also available from extramural grant or contract sources, i. e. USDA, NSF, NIH and industry. The number of assistantships available depends in great part on the success of departmental faculty in obtaining competitive grants.  Certain programs may supplement GRA salaries from other funding sources.  You should talk to your potential graduate student advisor about stipend amount. Graduate student fees/tuition charges are the sole responsibility of the student, however some student fees may be covered by fellowships. These charges are assessed at in-state rates and range between $1000-2500 per semester. Living expense or living wage calculators for Lee County Alabama are available online. Assistantships are not the same as fellowships or scholarships awarded by internal or external sources. For example, F.S. Arant scholarships are available at a rate equal to the cost of resident tuition and fees at Auburn University for highly qualified applicants. Similarly, transportation or other financial assistance from the Graduate School or the Department is available on a case-by-case basis for students to present research papers at professional meetings.

Assistantships funded through the department are normally awarded for two years for M.S. students and three years for Ph.D. students. These may be extended by the Chair of the Department for one year, upon request by the Major Advisor, depending upon the availability of funds and the demonstration of satisfactory progress toward the degree. It should be understood that all GRA awards are temporary, and their continuance depends upon student performance and availability of funds. Students holding assistantships are currently charged in-state resident tuition, however most students are eligible for tuition waivers for most courses when enrolled as full-time students in the department. Online courses, for example, are not currently eligible for tuition waivers.

Assistantship stipends support student research under the direction of their primary advisor, which often includes general lab assistance in addition to thesis or dissertation research. Students on assistantships are assigned duties by their Major Professor, or the Department Chair, and generally have obligations to the program, or grant, for which the assistantship is assigned. Workloads are defined on the basis of a normal teaching load or the equivalent time in other duties. Students on assistantships receive the same benefits as other University students. Students should understand that there are various categories of assistantships with differing requirements, duties, and obligations. Hence comparisons among graduate students in regard to duties and time commitment for an assistantship are not advised.

The Department encourages graduate students to present their research during professional meetings at the regional and national level. When possible, transportation and financial assistance may be provided for such attendance, but such funds are not guaranteed. Financial support from the Graduate School to attend professional meetings is also available on a competitive basis.

Auburn University Financial Aid