Our undergraduate programming includes minors in both entomology and plant pathology. Each minor is designed to compliment various fields in the agricultural and biological sciences. Each program is also designed to prepare you for positions in industry as well as for advanced studies in entomology, plant pathology or the agricultural or biological sciences.

Major in Applied Biotechnology

Photo of female student working in biotechnology lab

The applied biotechnology major brings together the multidisciplinary expertise of faculty from a variety of scientific disciplines. This major will prepare you to meet the needs of today’s rapidly growing biotechnology and biomedical industries, equipping you with the specialized knowledge, skills and techniques this exciting field demands.

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Minor in Entomology

Photo of an asian grad student in white lab coat and purple latex gloves examining an insect through a microscope lens.

The minor in entomology provides a firm foundation for students wishing to pursue an advanced degree in entomology or in many of the biological or agricultural sciences.

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Minor in Plant Pathology

Close up photo of student's hand in black glove using tweezers to examine a small plant in a biotechnology lab

The minor in plant pathology provides training in the recognition and management of diseases of plants, and on pathogen biology.

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Experience is what sets the most successful job candidates apart — even for entry-level positions. That's why we offer an undergraduate internship program to help you gain professional industry experience while you're still in college.

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