brewejwWayne Brewer

Professor Emeritus

Entomology and Plant Pathology


Forest Insect-Plant Interactions, Influence of plant nutrition on phytophagous insects, gall-forming insects.


1968 Ph.D., Purdue University (Entomology)
1965 M.S., Central Michigan University (Zoology)
1963 B.S., Central Michigan University (Cum Laude) (Biology)

professional experience

  • 2006-Present – Professor Emeritus, Department of Entomology, Auburn University
  • 1995-2006 – Professor, Department of Entomology, Auburn University, and Coordinator, Alabama Gypsy Moth Survey Program
  • 1987-1995 – Professor and Head, Department of Entomology, Auburn University
  • 1992-1993 – Acting Associate Dean, International Programs, Auburn University
  • 1984-1987 – Professor and Head, Department of Entomology, Montana State University
  • 1968-1984 – Assistant Professor, Associate Professor (1973) and Professor (1979) Entomology, Colorado State University, Fort Collins


  • 2003 – NACTA – National Teaching Award of Merit
  • 2002 – NACTA – National Teaching Fellow Award
  • 2001 – Distinguished Teaching Award – Entomological Society of America, Southeastern Branch
  • 2000 – Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence – Auburn University
  • 1999 – Alumni Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award – Auburn University
  • 1998 – Who’s Who in Teaching – Who’s Who in America’s Teaching Publication
  • 1987 – Faculty Teaching Award – Montana State University Honors Program
  • 2003, 2004, 2005 – Extramural Funding Award – Alabama Cooperative Extension System
  • 1996 – NATO Travel award to Prague, Czech Republic
  • 1987 – U.S. National Academy of Science Exchange Scientist, Ceske Budejovice, Czechoslovakia, July – August 1
  • 1983 – U.S. National Academy of Science Exchange Scientist, Prague, Czechoslovakia, May – September
  • 1983 – Visiting Scientist, Laboratoire de Cecidologie, Louis Pasteur Universite, Strasbourg, France, October – January
  • 1979 – U.S. National Academy of Science Exchange Scientist, Prague, Czechoslovakia, May – September
  • 1978 – U.S. National Academy of Science Exchange Scientist, Prague, Czechoslovakia, May – Jun


  • Past Associate Editor – Southern Journal Applied Forestry, resigned 2006
  • Co-Contributing Editor, American Entomologist, Entomological Society of America, resigned 2006
  • Board of Directors, Organization for Tropical Studies, resigned 2006
  • Past Chairman, CSRS Southern Regional Advisory Committee 12


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