Undergraduate Internships


A variety of internships are available through the Department of Entomology’s Internship Program. All interns receive a salary and college credit. The student intern receives practical job experience under joint supervision of the internship advisor and an employee of an appropriate state, federal or private agency. The internship experience will prepare the student for potential career employment.

Internship Requirements

Students majoring in any field are eligible to participate in the Entomology Internship program. However, there is a requirement that all student interns have had General Entomology (Ent 304). Additional course work in entomology is desirable. Students must have departmental approval prior to registering for internship credit.


All interns are required to write a report describing their work experience and summarizing the results of projects, experiments or other assignments. Interns are also required to give a short presentation on their internship experience to the departmental faculty and students.

Internship Opportunities

The Department of Entomology Internship Coordinator and other faculty members work with representatives of a number of commercial companies and other agencies to place student interns in interesting and challenging learning situations. In most cases final selection of interns is done by representatives of the respective agency. Arrangements for the different agencies vary considerably and requirements in terms of background, course work, and grade point average may differ greatly.

Some examples of the internship opportunities are:

The Department of Entomology offers students the opportunity to work directly with faculty on research projects or extension-related activities. The work may be field or laboratory oriented depending on the activities of the professor involved. Internships generally last for an academic term (most are in the summer) and require a full-time commitment. In addition to receiving academic credit, interns are paid a modest salary.

Monsanto Ag Chemicals Company offers internship opportunities involving field and laboratory research projects on the evaluation of pesticide efficacy. Internships are generally for six months and normally start at the beginning of spring quarter and run through the summer.

Lipha Tech – Agricultural Sales: Lipha Tech offers a 10-week internship in agricultural chemical sales. Interns travel extensively to dealers and chemical distributors in the southeastern states. Salary, expense account and vehicle are provided.

U.S. House of Representatives, Agricultural Committee offers internship opportunities as committee staff assistants, communications office interns and legal counsel’s office interns. Interns assist Representatives in a clerical/administrative capacity with a wide variety of tasks.

Walt Disney World offers internships at their nursery in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Interns are involved in a wide variety of experiences including integrated pest management, landscape maintenance and nursery operations.

Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania offers about 50 student internships per year in areas such as arboriculture, computer graphics, greenhouse production and integrated pest management. Internships range from 3 to 12 months.

Financial Arrangements and Course Credit

Students may register for five hours of internship credit (Ent 491) per quarter. Up to 15 hours of internship credit is allowed toward graduation. Financial arrangements vary depending on the agency, location and responsibilities. However, most agencies provide a modest salary and often some type of living accommodations.

Auburn University offers its programs to all persons regardless of race, creed, sex or national origin.

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