Urban Entomology Lab Team 2014 photo

Urban Entomology Lab

The research of urban entomology Lab focuses on the Development and Implementation of Integrated Pest Management of arthropod pests in urban ecosystem. We are especially interested in behavior, physiology, ecology, biology, and immunology of household and structure insect pests and invasive pests.

Lab Team Photos

Graduate Students

Current Students
Yuan-NanoinjectingTermites1 Zeng Yuan, Ph.D.
Dissertation Research: Immunology in Subterranean Termites
Leona-Liu-Yang-Kudzu-Bug Leona (Liu) Yang, Ph.D.
Semiochemical-based management stratergy for invasive kudzu bug, M. cribraria
Julian-Golec-1987 Julian Golec, M.S.
Thesis Research: Biology and management of the invasive Kudzu bug
Marta-Barba-Recreo Marta Barba Recreo, M.S.
Resident, Equine Internal Medicine
Thesis: Transmission of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis in horse by house flies
Znar-Barwary Znar Barwary, Ph.D.
Dissertation Research: Effects of termite behaviors and insecticide application protocol on control efficacy
Dr-D-G-Pugh_000 David Pugh, D.V.M. and M.Ag. Veterinary Entomology


  • Hao Wu, M.S. 2013. Co-advisor. Currently a Technical Assistant at IntelliSurvey in Los Angeles. Thesis Tiel: Instar determination, temperature effects on the growth, and parental care in Dubia Cockroach
  • Juliana Xu, M.S. 2012. Co-advisor. Currently a Ph.D. candidate at University of Florida. Thesis Title: Feedign ecology of pest mole crickets (Orthoptera: Gryllotalpidae: Scpteriscus spp.) and associated damage to turfgrass.
  • Charles Donald Robert Stephen, M.S. 2012. Major Professor. Currently a Ph.D. candidate at Department of Biology, Auburn University. Thesis Title: Alabama Rhinotermitidae: nomenclature, identification, survey and swarming phenology
  • Franklin Quarcoo. Ph.D. 2009. Major Professor. Currently a Research Associate at Tuskegee University, USA. Dissertation Title: Behavioral toxicology of non-repellent termiticides in subterranean termites management.
  • Dunlun Song, Ph.D. 2007. Co-Professor. Currently Vice Chair and Associate Professor in Department of Entomology, China Agricultural University, China.
  • Edward T. Snoddy, Ph.D. 2012.